Friday, April 30, 2010

Subway Subs for Service Details!

(Contributed by Scott Giles, Vernal Subway owner)

Thursday May 6th we are holding a benefit for the Baumgarten family. Both Vernal Subways are going to donate 10% of Thursdays sales to the Baumgarten family. The Vernal Subway will also be holding a silent auction for several Jazz memorabilia items. (The following images are not the actual pictures being auctioned off)

2010 Official Utah Jazz Autographed basketball Starting bid is $450

Autographed picture 8x11 Jerry Sloan Starting bid is $25

Autographed picture 8x11 Carlos Boozer Starting bid is $25

Autographed picture 8x11 Mehmet Okur Starting bid is $20

Autographed picture 8x11 Paul Millsap Starting bid is $15

Autographed picture 8x11 Ronnie Brewer Starting bid is $15

The auction will go until May 8th. You can call Scott Giles @ 435-219-9306 or X94 @ 435-781-1100 to bid on the Jazz memorabilia. All Jazz memorabilia can be picked up at the Dinaland Golf course Saturday May 8th at 2:30 pm.

Subway has also Teamed up with Charlie at X94 to sponsor the 10th Annual X94 Golf Tournament.

The Golf tournament is $50 per golfer and part of the entrance fee will be donated as well. During the golf tournament Channel X94 will be holding their first annual putting contest,

"Sink the Pink"
Sink the Pink entrance fee is $10
All proceeds will be donated to the Baumgarten family.
Each contestant will receive a Sink the Pink shirt and a free breakfast Sandwich from Subway!

You will have three chances to sink the pink golf ball to move up a bracket. The winners of the Sink the Pink challenge will win an assortment of prizes.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated!
T Scott Giles
Owner/Director of Operations
VWM, Vernal, & Wasatch Sub LLC

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another successful fundraiser!!

Last Saturday a friend of the Baumgartens, Mindy Smith, held her own fundraiser for them. She is a brilliant photographer and used her talent to have an all day marathon photo shoot fundraiser. Above is a picture of my two kids during our session. She spent 20 minutes with us and yet I have a dozen pictures I will treasure forever. She gave every penny to the Baumgartens and it was a success. To put it into perspective she spent at least 10 hours of her day Saturday doing mini photo shoots and will have spent at least that much time editing and preparing the CDs for those who booked sessions in the days since(and is still working on that end of it all).

I know you didn't want me to make this a big deal Mindy but I have to give a SHOUT OUT to you. Thank you for sharing your talents to the benefit of others.

And if you are looking for a Basin photographer visit her website and give her a call!! 781-1515 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


(Submitted by Kristen Baumgarten 4/27 and used with her permission. Josh starts radiation and chemotherapy today in Salt Lake City. Let's all remember them in our prayers.)

I know that a post is long overdue. It is just that every time I get started I have to stop because all of the emotion that I can safely tuck away comes flooding to the surface. There is so much that I can write to just get out of my system, but I am afraid to let it out. I am afraid that I won't be able to keep it together to function as a wife and mother or to just be able to make it from one minute to the next.

That being said, we did go to Salt Lake last week for appointments. Marathon appointments is what they should call them. They line up several people to talk to you and you end up being there for hours. Tuesday was long. Wednesday was longer. In a nutshell, they all wanted to make sure that we understood the diagnosis (glioblastoma multiforme) and what to expect. Treatment starts this Wednesday, April 28.

There was a lot of information, a lot to absorb, and in the end we realize that it doesn't really matter what experiences other patients have had. Yes, their diagnosis might be the same, but the Lord's plan for them is not.

Josh (who of course has much more faith than I) told me that he decided on the night we found out he had a brain tumor (before we knew it was cancer) that he had to put is full faith in the Lord. He decided to have faith that if it was the Lord's will to sustain his life, then it would be sustained.

He told me that was all that mattered and that it was our job to open our eyes to the big picture, to maintain an eternal perspective. We have to take comfort and hope in the fact that the Lord is in charge and is capable of making miracles happen.

So, then in the middle of the night when he tells me that his arm, leg, and face are numb I have to remind myself that overall, Josh isn't scared. I have to remind myself that everything will be ok. I have to turn my thoughts to the outpouring of love and support that we have been shown. I have to immediately say a prayer of gratitude for the goodness inside everyone around us. So many people who have made miracles happen. People who have given time, talents, resources, hearts and minds in our behalf. So much to be thankful for. So much to make me realize that I don't have the luxury of dwelling in the flood of fear. There are evidences all around us, through all of you, that the Lord is aware of us and of our needs. He sends those around us to share their love, to wrap their arms around us and remind us (or me) to put our faith in God.

So again, thank you for everything that is being done and for the constant reminder, which I have sincerely needed.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Get Jazzed for Subway Subs for Service!!: Today's Helping Hands (4/27)

What:     Get Jazzed for Subway Subs for Service

When:    Thursday, May 6th from 7:00am until closing at 9:00pm

WhereSubway Restaurant Locations; 1205 West HWY 40 and 1851 W HWY 40 in Walmart

Details:  10% of all sales made on May 6th in either Vernal Subway restaurant will be donated to the Baumgarten family. There will be a silent auction for AWESOME Jazz memorabilia including a BASKETBALL SIGNED BY THIS SEASON'S TEAM as well as signed photograph's of fan favorite's Carlos Boozer, Memot Okur, Jerry Sloan and more!! The winners will be announced at the Channel X94 golf tournament on May 8th.

Scott Giles at Subway has given 110% support to the fundraising efforts for the Baumgartens. It has really been astonishing to me. Please come in to Subway on May 6th and enjoy your favorite sandwich and make a bid in the silent auction! Photos of the items being auctioned will be posted as soon as they are available. This is sure to be an event your entire family will enjoy being a part of!! Just one more thing to say:


A Matter of Clarification

My heartrate spiked when I first learned of Josh's brain tumor. I'm Kristen Baumgarten's friend Kristin Baldwin. I immediately felt upset and as cliche as it is all I could think was "this isn't fair." I have to be honest I wasn't thinking about Josh(sorry Josh! I hope you understand) I was thinking about Kristen - my reliable girlfriend, my friend who experienced motherhood in much the same way as I was, my friend who could laugh with me or cry with me or grumble with me. My friend who on the outside looked perfect and always put together but was an honest vulnerable one-day-at-a-time woman just like me! Over the next week I felt helpless to help my friend - what could I possibly say or do? How could I ever act like I have any idea what she must be going through? Finally, I realized I just couldn't. My friend Sha and I were desperate to help. So what could we do?

This blog. The fundraising efforts. The calls for help. To anyone who has wondered:

Neither Josh nor Kristen asked for any of it.

In fact, I have to say I was a bit of a bully about it because I know Kristen. As sure as I know she is incredibly humble and grateful for the love and generousity shown them, I also KNOW she would never have asked for a penny from anyone. Does that mean there wasn't a need?? Absolutely not. I also KNOW that there was a genuine need for financial help. The Baumgartens are a hard-working young family. Self-sufficient is perhaps the best way to describe them. A year ago they acquired financing to buy a beautiful new home and there was a plan and a budget. They had no idea what brooded on the horizen. Who could have known the economy would affect the oil industry the way it has? Who could have known a new home could lose so much equity in a single year? Who could have known the bread winner and provider for the family has advanced brain cancer, news of which would arrive about the same time sweet baby #4 was due?

I'm a little unsure how all this will sound when you read it but I had to make sure one thing was clear: The Baumgartens have not asked for anything and like anyone it has been overwhelming and a challenge to accept the generous money and donations given. To anyone visiting this blog I thank you for your support, love, and caring towards the Baumgartens. So many friends of the family as well as perfect strangers have reached out and shared their love and support. THAT is the point. Not to put their life and trials on display. So please continue to do what you're doing and extend your love and support because I believe in Karma. At one point or another we will ALL need a helping hand. For any questions or comments or suggestions for the blog or fundraising efforts please contact me directly. 435-823-3946.

DinoLand Triathalon: Today's Helping Hands (4/26)

DinoLand Triathlon 2010 to be held June 26th has pledged a portion of their proceeds from the triathalon and surrounding events including a Life Fair to the Baumgarten family. Plans are still in the works and more details are to come. In the meantime consider participating in the Triathalon! There is a Sprint course(swim 1/2 mile, bike 13.1 miles, and run a 5k) and an Olymic course(swim 1 mile, bike 27 miles, and run a 10k). For more information or to register visit the website or contact Mark Mason,

We want to create some teams to participate in the Baumgarten family name. If you doubt your ability to complete a full Triathlon yourself please consider joining a relay team. These teams could be 2 or 3 people who break up the different phases of the race: Swim(1/2 mile), Bike(13.1 miles), and Run(5k or 3.1 miles). If you are interested in being on a team and completing either the swim, bike, OR run portion only please contact me at If we get enough people interested we will form teams to participate as a show of support to the Baumgartens. Adding your name to the list is not a commitment so please get your name on there even if you are just interested but still unsure. Thanks everyone!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Vernal has to be one of the very best towns in the world, full of great people."

(The following is a message left by Kristen's Grandma Kremin and the quote below is a quote I know the Baumgartens love and live by. The picture is of the Vernal, UT LDS Temple, © Rick Satterfield.)

"Angel" is an appropriate name for ALL who have been so kind and loving to help these wonderful kids. We, all the rest of their family, thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts. We all are praying for the best possible end to this nightmare. Vernal has to be one of the very best towns in the world, full of great people. -Grandpa and Grandma Kremin
Words to live by
Men and women who turn their lives over to God will find out that he can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life to God will find he has eternal life.
-Ezra Taft Benson

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Angels here on earth

What a wonderful day! Thanks to everyone who came and supported this fundraiser. There were so many generous donations given, including tie dyed shirts to sell along with all the goodies. The support from all the soccer families as well as those who came because they heard about the fundraiser was just overwhelming. Thanks to X94 for spreading the word to the awesome listeners in the area, we loved having you come! Thanks to Subway for donating the yummy cookies. A huge thanks to all the other AWESOME drinks and goodies donated to sell. I would walk away for a few minutes and come back to new items like donuts, Hi-C, and t-shirts. Your generousity means so much. Nothing went to waste!! Thanks to George at Covers and Camo for taking pictures, donating supplies, stickers, balloons, and signs. Most of all is a big thanks to Dalton, Bodie, Ashley, and their angel mother Lisa for all the hard work and unimaginable thoughtfulness that went into this. It's like Laurie(Kristen's mother) said, "they are the angels here on earth." It was so special to have Josh and his family stop by. There were hugs, and tears, and smiles. It truly was wonderful. Thank you all for your support and check back soon for an update on Josh and his treatment plan.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Reminder for tomorrow, Saturday June 24th

Dalton, Ashley, and Bodie are at it again!!!!!
What:     Lemonade/Subway Cookies Stand during the AYSO Youth Soccer Games
Where:   Vernal Junior High Fields 1000 W Main Street
When:    Saturday April 24th, 9:00am till it's gone

What you can do:    Contribute lemonade, soda, anything to sell(drop off at event or call 823-3946), come buy a drink and some delicious Subway cookies(3/$1)! 

What:     Marathon Fundraising Photo Shoot Day.
When:    Saturday, April 24th all day
Contact: Melinda Smith 781-1515 

What:     Mary Kay Open House
Where:   Alicen Taylor's home 
When:    Saturday, June 24th 11:00am-4:00pm 
Details:   This open house is for Alicen's regular customers but anyone is welcome to attend. Just mention the Baumgarten fundraiser and 40% of your purchase price will be donated directly to the Baumgarten Family Fund. Place an order online here if you can't make it to the open house. For more info click here.

Nalco, Anadarko, and friends are finishing the Baumgarten's backyard this Saturday, June 24th. If you want to come help lay sod they start at 6am!! Any questions call 823-3946.

Hit-Run-Score All-night softball tournament: Today's Helping Hands(4/23)

11th Annual Men’s, Women’s & Co-Ed
All-night softball tournament
Friday June 25th, Saturday June 26th, & Sunday June 27th, 2010
Vernal, Utah

Your generosity this year will make a difference to the families of Mark Hatch, Ulene Smuin Jensen, and Joshua Baumgarten. We come to you at this time while new budgets are being formed to ask for your kindness in supporting our effort to help people within and/or from our own community. You can show your support by sponsoring a softball team, donating money, raffle items, goods, or services.

2010 Recipients

Mark Hatch is the Husband of Sue and father of RuthAnn Hatch, Mary Gata and Sara Fluckiger. Mark was born and raised in Vernal and has lived here all his life. Mark has always been involved with scouting and enjoys most anything involving the outdoors. Mark was employed at Perry Motor prior to being diagnosed with terminal bone cancer.

Ulene Smuin Jensen is the wife of James Jensen, and a mother to three small children Andrew, Ellie and Isabella. Ulene was born and raised in Vernal, and is the daughter of Lynn and Pauline Smuin. At just 36 years old Ulene was diagnosed with pregnancy induced cardio myopathy (heart failure). She currently relies on the L-Vad machine (artificial heart) to stay alive until a heart becomes to her for a transplant.

Joshua Baumgarten is the husband of Kristen (Kremin), and father of Kimball, McKay, Benson and awaiting his fourth child that is due in may. Josh and Kristen are raising their young family here in Vernal, where Josh provides their living working at Nalco. Josh is currently being treated for a brain tumor, that was discovered just a few short weeks ago.

Past Hit-Run-Score Recipients
(2009) Wayne Jenkins
(2009) Terry Harvey
(2008)Kayle Gardiner
(2008)Becky Erskine Gardiner
(2008)Al Stone
(2007)Shelly Slaugh
(2007)Debbie Pummell
(2007)MarShel Erickson Gonzales
(2006)Cody Anderson
(2006)Carolyn Anderson
(2005)Lexie Haslem
(2005)Deegan Harwood
(2005)Matthew Harris

Prior to this, donations were made to the Ronald Mcdonald house and family of Marie Dulen.
Our past successes would not have been possible without your generous donations and support.

Thank you in advance for your time and contributions to this effort. It takes the whole community to make a difference. Your generosity will be so greatly appreciated by all the families involved. Remember June 25th, 26th and 27th at the Vernal city ballpark, come and continue to support our efforts by buying a raffle ticket or something from our 24hr. Concessions. Remember, 100% of all proceeds are donated to these families.
If you would like more information regarding this effort, please contact one of the following:
-Misti Taylor (435)789-9998 (435)790-9903
-Jaime Feltch(435)781-6042 (435)790-2069
-Stephanie Gilroy (435)781-1542 (435)828-0088
-Suzan Guymon (435)781-1604 (435)790-3267
For monetary donations by mail, please make checks payable to: Hit-Run-Score: PO Box 1395 Vernal, Utah 84078 (receipts are available upon request).

*This information was submitted by Jaime Feltch.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nalco, Anadarco, and friends: Today's Helping Hands(4/22)

Nalco, Anadarko, and friends have come together to donate the dirt, sprinklers, and sod (not to mention installation) necessary to finish the Baumgarten's back yard. Josh is a valued employee of Nalco and works closely with Anadarko(Nalco provides services to Anadarko).

As a fellow mommy and friend of Kristen, this generous donation has great significance; now the boys will track in a lot LESS dirt and mud through the house! And that is a true blessing. This also means the family dog(named Kitty) will have a plush paradise to call home. Perhaps most important, the family can enjoy the coming spring and summer days rolling in the grass, playing catch, and enjoying each other that much more at home.

If you know anyone associated with Nalco or Anadarko please give them a HUGE thank you for this thoughtful act. To all who donated and helped, your kindness is greatly appreciated.

A special thanks is needed for Doug Harding of Nalco and Chad Perry of Anadarko. Many people were involved in this venture but these two men were especially involved in organizing and making it happen. So to you two: THANK YOU!!!!!!

Dalton, Bodie, and Ashley Capozza: Today's Helping Hands (4/21)

Meet 12-year-old Dalton, 6-year old Ashley, and 10-year old Bodie. Maybe you've seen them around. They live in Vernal and have parents who work in the oil industry. Last weekend they decided to set up a lemonade stand to raise some money for themselves. The boys got the stand all set up and were doing great. Then Ashley brought out some cookies to sell that she had made herself(with a little help from Grandma). When they finished up they had earned themselves a fortune, nearly $100. Makes me think I should set up a lemonade stand!!!

Well their mother Lisa heard about the fundraiser today at Covers and Camo. She linked to this blog and read about Josh and his sweet family. As she was telling her family about the Baumgartens, a decision was made, and not by Lisa. The kids said they wanted to share their money with the Baumgartens. They thought it would be a nice thing to do and so they called George at Covers and Camo, informing him they would be dropping off some money to add to his fundraising effort today.

I don't know about you but I think these are some special kids. Clearly they are being taught at a young age to open their hearts to others and serve in their own way, even if it is just sharing your lemonaide stand money. I had stopped by Covers and Camo to thank George for all he was doing and that is when this family showed up to drop off the money. They didn't plan on being recognized or having their picture taken. They just planned on dropping the money off and that was enough.

Thank you Dalton, Bodie, and Ashley for your great example to follow. I hope the rest of us can be more like you and find our own ways, big and small, to serve others in their time of need.
And remember to HONK! when you see George outside his shop. I hope you love drilling but even if you don't give him a HONK! for his kind generousity today in donating his sales to the Baumgarten family. Thanks George!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sending Smiles Fundraiser Details

Sending Smiles has posted the details of their online auction fundraiser for the Baumgartens. Click here to go directly to their site for ALL the information. A summary is below.

The Auction will begin Thursday, May 6 and end Saturday, May 8 at midnight. Many talented women from all over the country will be contributing handmade crafty and trendy items to be auctioned off. All you have to do is visit the Sending Smiles blog anytime from May 6 to Saturday, May 8 at midnight and see if there is anything you want to bid on. The winners will be contacted within a few days after the auction closes. All proceeds will be given to the Baumgarten family to help with medical bills and treatments. So, here's the information on how to participate:

Send an email to with the following information and AUCTION as the subject:
Title of Item donating
Short description (optional)
Picture of item
Retail Value

Web Address or Link to Etsy Store or Blog Boutique (optional-- if you have a handmade business, this is a great way to receive publicity, someone who bids but doesn't win may want to know where to get one!)

*You will be responsible for postage to send the item to the highest bidder, and they will contact you with their address when the auction ends.

Dates: Emails must be sent by Monday, May 3 at midnight. This gives you 2 weeks to create the item or items.
Thank you to all who choose to participate! Get started on your handmade goodies, and definitely check back May 6th to start shopping! I know this family will appreciate our help. I can't even image the stress and heartache of watching a loved one go through this, and the least we can do is lighten the financial burden a bit!

Covers and Camo Fundraiser Today!!!

Fundraiser TODAY!! Get over to Covers and Camo. 40% of all sales will go directly to the Baumgartens. You've seen the t-shirts and bumper stickers around town(if you live in Vernal and maybe elsewhere too) and you know you want some for yourself too!! Or get some to give as gifts, especially if you have some conservative friends and family. lol ;)

Nothing says Vernal pride like some I love Drilling apparal. :) So get over to their store, call in an order to George or make an order online! Support the Baumgartens while getting something fun in return.

Store location and contact Info:
510 East Main
Vernal, UT 84078
Phone: (801) 472-6556

Crib Bedding Now: Today's Helping Hands (4/20)

Crib Bedding Now would like to donate nursery items to baby Eliza.

Just visit and you'll see how lucky baby Eliza will be to have anything from Crib Bedding Now. SO adorable and so much variety! Crib Bedding Now is a basin business. Owner Alaina VanLeuven shares the following on the website:

"As a mom, I was looking for crib bedding for the birth of my fourth child. This was the first time one of my babies was going to have their very own nursery room. It was hard to find the quality I wanted at a price I could afford. I'm so pleased to bring you the Trend Lab product line. They have exceptional quality at very resonable prices. Face it, there is no way you could make these bedding sets for the same price, believe me I thought about it. When I factored in the time spent and the amount of fabric I would have to buy, it just wasn't in my best interest. Not to mention all the adorable matching decor and gift sets that tie everything together."

I LOVE these crib sets and all the cute things to go with them. Take a look around their site and be sure to leave a thank you for their generous donation on the contact us page.

Thank you Alaina for your generousity and showing some love to precious Eliza!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sending Smiles: Today's Helping Hands (4/19)

Sending Smiles has pledged to organize an online auction to benefit the Baumgarten family.

This blog is absolutely amazing!! The premise of it being a group of women from all over the country who come together and find ways to help others in need. Often the people they reach out to are people they have never met, as in the case of the Baumgarten family. Here's a quote from their blog: "I feel like this is something small we can do to help lift someone's burdens. There is no profit or gain, just a sense of peace for giving and helping in someway with the talents we were blessed with. I hope to be able to touch many lives as we send our "smiles" to those in need of a little cheer and happiness!"

I have never been interested enough to actually sign up to "follow" a blog. There are plenty out there that I check on when I have the chance but this is the first one that touched me in a way that I want to know what they are doing the moment they do it!

PLEASE visit their blog and see what they are all about. You will not regret it. In fact, their example of Christlike love may even change your life.

More details are to come on their online auction. Please leave them a comment on the blog to thank them for their generousity and contribution.

Words cannot express our thanks Kristi! We can't wait to help with the auction and see what you're doing next!!

Fundraisers this week!!

This Week: Alicen Taylor Independent Mary Kay Beauty consultant is donating 40% of all sales from April 18th - 24th(THIS WEEK) to the Baumgartens. Order online at,  call Alicen at 435-789-8992, text 828-8416 or email I need a few basics and will be ordering from Alicen. Get your order in today to help the Baumgartens!!

TOMORROW: Covers & Camo is donating 40% of all sales made at the store location or online on Tuesday, April 20th to the Baumgarten Family Fund. This means any seat cover sales, installation charges, as well as any apparal sales made that day will be donated to the Baumgartens. Even if you can't make it in that day, call and your sale will be included.
Store location and contact Info:
510 East Main
Vernal, UT 84078
Phone: (801) 472-6556

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Safe Passage

"If there is a design in this world in which we live, there must be a Designer. Who can behold the many wonders of the universe without believing that there is a design for all mankind? Who can doubt that there is a Designer?"  President Thomas S. Monson (Conference talk April 2010)
The painting is Mary's Heart by Liz Lemon Swindle

"Like children who have lost their way, Alone and comfortless we wander. Stumbling through woods that grow deep and ever darker, With no direction, we cry for help and hear our pleas echo through the canyons. Is there anyone who can hear us? Then, like a rushing wind, a voice whispers to our heart. And through tear-filled eyes, we see an outstretched hand, there to lead us home. Though swirling streams may block our way and slippery stones betray our feet, He leads us on. He knows the way, His feet are sure, And in Him we find safe passage."  Quote accompanies Greg Olsen's painting titled Be Not Afraid, featured here.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Channel X94: Generous Basin Business of the day (4/16)

Channel X94 has pledged to donate the proceeds from their annual golf tournament to the Baumgarten family. The Channel X94 annual golf tournament will be held this year on May 8th at Dinaland Golf course. 

So here's the deal: it is $50 to register for the golf tournament. To register call the Channel X94 office at 781-1100 or call Dinaland Golf Course at 781-1428. Because Dinaland lowered the fee (after learning about the effort to help the Baumgarten family), $7 from every registration will go in the Baumgarten fund. While the tournament is going on, there will also be an ongoing putting competition. The SINK the PINK competition will be going on throughout the day and every dollar raised will go in the Baumgarten fund.

Everyone wins in this fundraising competition. You pay $10 and get 3 chances to make a putt on the putting range. Oh and by the way, the golf balls are pink. SOOO all you have to do is SINK the PINK to win. There will be prizes and yes, they are good. What if you are like me and it would take a miracle to make a putt from a foot away?? Well, you still win because every participant will receive a SINK the PINK t-shirt, a coupon for a free 6" sub from Subway and every cent you pay will be added to the Baumgarten fund!

Every year the Hall family and X94 crew, support and participate in cancer causes like Relay for Life. This year they had already made plans to incorporate a fundraiser into the golf tournament but had not decided exactly what cause to focus on. When Subway owner Scott Giles stopped by the X94 studio on Thursday, he shared what he had learned about the Baumgarten's story and his desire to help. Charlie and the crew were onboard immediately and knew they wanted the golf tournament's fundraiser to benefit this deserving family. 

Charlie and his family were literally the first people I met on my first visit to Vernal. I knew they were good people then but in the last three years I've seen them reach out, serve, love, and give back to this community over and over again. Charlie especially is a man with a big heart and I'm so grateful for his support now in joining all of us who love the Baumgarten family. Though I've just recently interacted with Scott Giles of Subway, he has amazed me with his sincere desire to help in a big way. They are planning for great fun, great food, and great prizes for everyone who participates in the golf tournament and events leading up to it.

So please make an opportunity to thank them for all they are doing to make this a success. Visit the X94 website and give them a call, text, or email and say THANKS!!!

Thank you Charlie and the X94 family for your generousity, all you are doing and all you will do to for this wonderful family.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Subway: Generous Basin Business of the day (4/15)

Subway has pledged to help organize, advertise for, and contribute to an upcoming fundraiser for the Baumgarten family. We'll update you with details as plans are made.

My family has always loved Subway. When we moved to Vernal we were relieved to see the Walmart had a Subway rather than a different restaurant that we were used to. If you are like me, you have a Subway card(or 2 or 3 of them). Visit their website to see their latest promotion for a free 6" sub. Definitely worth the visit!!

Next time you are in Subway please be sure to thank them for their contribution to the Baumgarten family.

Thank you Scott and the Subway crew for your generousity, caring, and yummy sandwiches!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mary Kay Cosmetics Alicen Taylor: Generous Basin Business of the day (4/14)

Alicen Taylor Independent Mary Kay Beauty consultant will donate 40% of all sales from April 18th - 24th. Order online at, call Alicen at 435-789-8992, text 828-8416 or email

Okay ladies and gentlemen, we ALL use hair, skin, and beauty products. If you are like me it's easy to just pick these things up while getting groceries or household items at other stores; but here is a chance to purchase things you already buy but that will also benefit a local family. Mary Kay products are excellent quality and very affordable!! Even if you just need a new tube of mascara or some face lotion, nearly half of what you pay will go to the Baumgartens. Please visit the website and see for yourself the excellent products available from Mary Kay. They also make great gifts. I received a lotion/body spray/body wash pack as a Christmas gift and have absolutely loved it!! Visit the website and I promise you will not be disappointed.

If you place an order or know Alicen, please thank her for what she is doing. She is essentially donating her income for those days.

Thank you Alicen for your generousity and willingness to give!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SOOO Many Thanks!!

What an overwhelming response when a baby is in need of a soft, safe place to sleep. I know there were many generous offers and every single one was so very appreciated. Some of Kristen's wonderful family members are getting a crib for baby Eliza.

We have such a giving and kind community and we want to thank you all for caring about the Baumgarten family and finding your own ways to show it.

I was thinking about baby Eliza and the fact that many people have asked what they can do or what the Baumgarten family needs. I, myself, have a baby and it donned on me. One thing is for sure, they will be needing diapers and the usual baby supplies.

One of my favorite gifts I received when I had my baby was a "diaper cake" - sound crazy??!?!? It is! But they are also so cute!! And I'm pretty sure it was made up of diapers that Sha's baby had grown too big to use - even better! So this may sound odd to anyone who is out of the 10 diapers-to-change-a-day phase of life but to those of you who are right there with me maybe you have some diapers that weren't used and will no longer fit your little tyke. If so, you could try your hand at a diaper cake for baby Eliza ;) Of course, there is no need to make a show of it; after all it will just end up with poop in it. So if you have wanted to know what might help, here is a simple suggestion; maybe some diapers. :)

p.s. I think it has been a little confusing that many of the posts on here are from a Kristin B. I am Kristin Baldwin not to be confused with Kristen Baumgarten. While the blog would greatly benefit from her writing skills versus mine, the requests for help, like this one about diapers, are actually coming from KristIn, not KristEn. Hopefully you'll hear from KristEn plenty too with updates on how things are going. Also, I will add that I know Kristen greatly appreciates everyone for their love and support. Thanks everyone and sorry for the confusion!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Covers and Camo: Generous Basin Business of the Day (4/13)

Covers & Camo would like to pledge 40% of all sales made at the store location or online on Tuesday, April 20th to the Baumgarten Family Fund. This means any seat cover sales, installation charges, as well as any apparal sales made that day will be donated to the Baumgartens. Even if you can't make it in that day, call and your sale will be included.

Store location and contact Info:
510 East Main
Vernal, UT 84078
Phone: (801) 472-6556
Please visit the Covers and Camo website as well as the apparal website to learn more about this quality business. If you visit George in his store, please thank him for his contribution.
Thank you George for you generousity and concern for the Baumgarten family!


Baby Eliza will be arriving pretty soon, approximately 5 weeks, and she doesn't have a crib! The old one broke, and come to find out was on recall. If anyone knows of a a gently used crib or a new one (we wouldn't complain), please let me know.;) Thank you so much!
Sha (Kristen's other friend) or 435-789-6798 Generous Basin Business of the day (4/12) would like to donate $500 to the Baumgartens for every home sold between now and June 01, 2010.

Click here to visit the VernalHomeFinder website. They are an area leader for housing in Vernal, Utah. They also serve the Roosevelt, Utah and Duchesne, Utah real estate market and are a preferred Vernal Utah Realtor company. If you get the chance, thank them for their donation and kindness.

Thank you Kyle and the team for your generous donation!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Couldn't you just break your neck?

(Contributed by Kristen Baumgarten and posted with her permission)

So, here goes. It might be long.

I am not even sure I will actually publish this. Maybe I will just type it out and forget it. I haven't been able to sit down and actually get it out. It's too hard. Too real. Too close to the surface to actually tell it publicly or semi-publicly. While I am almost 34 weeks pregnant and would probably never like a picture of myself, I love this picture of Josh. (Thanks Mindy, for being so generous and flexible with your time and for taking these pictures).
Many of you probably already know the situation, but in case you don't, or in case you've heard it from someone two or three or eight people down the line... here it is.

Because of a snowmobile accident in December, we assumed the symptoms Josh began experiencing in January were a result of injury. I still remember giggling to myself when Josh came home from a church basketball game complaining that his "game" was off. Seriously? If I had only known.

The fine motor function in the right side of his body continued to decline beginning in his hand and arm and progressing to his leg and foot. When he finally decided that it wasn't all "in his head" he made an appointment with a chiropractor who eventually referred him to another doctor.

After considering all the possibilities and researching online, we were convinced that he may have a C6 spinal fracture. Honestly, the website that Josh found was like a checklist for all his symptoms. Without mentioning his oh-so-intelligent internet findings to the doctor, the doctor came up with the same conclusion.
I was relieved. I honestly thought to myself, "Phew, he just broke his neck." I was horrified by the other alternatives. And a broken neck was something that could be fixed. A little surgery, a few screws to keep his head on his shoulders. NO BIG DEAL. Totally acceptable problem. (Ok, so I am not trying to minimize a spinal fracture. I am simply saying that compared to the other alternatives it was something I could handle.)

The initial MRI of his neck showed that his neck was great. No breaks. No fractures. No pinched nerves. Hmph! We were wrong and so it was time to do some more looking. The doctor ordered another MRI of his brain to just make sure there wasn't anything neurological.

After the MRI Josh made his way to work when he got a phone call to turn around and go right back to the hospital. The doctors wanted to talk to him. He couldn't get a hold of me and then realized he couldn't tell me he had to go back to the hospital. Somewhere in the process he texted me that it might be a stroke. My sweet, always-there-for-you dad met him at the hospital to find out it wasn't that either.

My sweet, always-there-for-you mom and sister met me at my house. Shortly after, my dad and Josh made it home. Josh hesitated and then told me that it was a tumor, but the nature was unknown so we would need to go see a neurosurgeon in Salt Lake. Our appointment was Monday morning. It was only Friday (March 26). We would have to wait all weekend long. All the agonizing weekend long. Too much time to think about the possibilities. Too many sleepless hours to just think and wonder and try to prepare for whatever the outcome might be.

We went to the temple. We found peace. We knew that whatever would happen would be the Lord's will and that He would make it alright.

Monday's first appointment was discouraging. I am pretty sure that if I ever see that doctor again, I might slip and while I am falling, my fist might find it's way into his nose. The one good thing was that he referred us to Dr. Randy Jensen at the Huntsman Center. It was a miracle that we were able to see Dr. Jensen, as it was his day off and out-of-clinic. A tender mercy.

Dr. Jensen was a lot more optimistic and scheduled another MRI for Thursday (April 1) and surgery Friday (April 2). The MRI included a processes called mapping. They basically make a picture of the brain that is so incredibly accurate that the doctor knows EXACTLY what the brain will look like before they even make an incision. The mapping is then used throughout the surgery with electronic nodes that send signals from the brain to extremities and vice versa. That way, damage is minimized if not completely eliminated.

Using this process, they were able to learn that the tumor was deeply integrated into the brain tissue and were only able to extract a small portion of the tumor. It's purpose would serve as a sample for the pathologist. While they were able to come up with preliminary results, Dr. Jensen assured us that we should not be overly anxious and should wait for the final results. More waiting. This time from Friday (April 1st) to Wednesday (April 7). This time Josh would be trying to recover and heal from surgery.

He received TLC from the Neuro Critical Care Unit and physical therapy and then from the Neuro Acute Care Unit.

Determined and strong, my sweetheart stayed positive, in good humor, and close to the Lord. Surprisingly enough, they decided to discharge him Sunday morning. Easter morning. They said he was doing so well there was no use waiting for test results in a hospital bed. The rest of his recovery could be done at home! We missed our boys. We were glad to come home. Glad to see them and get our loves and kisses from each of them. (Even if Aunt Emily is more fun than Mom or Dad).

Wednesday was the day the pathologist would have the final results. The tumor board would meet to discuss the results and best course of action. We hoped we wouldn't have to wait any longer to hear.

The initial tests were confirmed. Cancer. Aggressive cancer. Silver lining? It is brain cancer, which means it is isolated to the brain and didn't originate from another source. Still, it is a high-grade, aggressive cancer that has to be treated right away.

I knew it. Somehow I knew it. I keep thinking about how I wish he could have just broken his neck. How it would be so much easier to deal with, it seems like such a more simple fix. Easier than cancer. Easier than facing what I have feared most. Easier than trying to be brave and happy when I really just want to wake up and everything will be back to normal.

So, taking it one step at a time, we had to wait again to hear from the oncologist that would be over radiation treatments. Fortunately, they called Thursday morning. Unfortunately, our first meeting/consultation won't be until he returns from vacation.

SOOO... until April 21st we are on hold. At least Josh has some time to heal from surgery and we have time to spend with the boys. There, I did it. I got it out.

Now seems like a good time to mention that we have been incredibly humbled and overwhelmed by the love and support of the angels that literally live among us. So many phone calls, kind gestures, prayers, acts of service... every time we turn around there is someone waiting to show us their support. Tender mercies. Answers to prayers. Those who are willing to "lift up the hands which hang down" (See D&C 81:5, one of my favorites) It is more than humbling to be on the receiving end of so much LOVE. Josh keeps reminding me that this is what people are like. This is their nature. People are good, and kind and loving and want to help where they can. How can we ever express our appreciation and gratitude to so much support? We know what we can do will never be enough. We can only pray that the tender mercies we have been shown will be there someday down the road for each one of the angels who surround us everyday. We pray that we can be the ones who "lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees." In the meantime, thank you. Thank you for recognizing what a good man Josh is. Thank you for recognizing his testimony, his strength, loyalty, work ethic, faith and so much more.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet Reflections Photography: Basin Business of the day (4/10)

Sweet Reflections Photography by Kari Morris has pledged a free 16" x 20" family photo to Josh and his family. Please visit her website to admire her amazing work. I promise you'll be impressed!

Thank you Kari for your generousity and caring about this family and our community.

Melinda Smith Photography: Basin Business of the day (4/9)

Melinda Smith Photography has pledged to hold a fundraiser for Josh and his family. All proceeds will be donated to the Baumgarten Family Fund.

Okay everyone! Here is an excellent way for you to help the Baumgarten family while getting something high quality and a family essential in return. Melinda Smith will be having a marathon of mini photography sessions Saturday April 24th. You will get a professional photography session and you will receive a disc with your professionally edited images. Every penny of the price you will pay will go to the Baumgarten Family Fund. She is worth every penny of her normal fees but for this event she's giving a killer deal for her professional work.

Here's what you'll get: 
  • $30 package: 5 images on a disc, professionally edited/high resolution. Print copyright released.
  • $50 package: 10 images on a disc, professionally edited/high resolution. Print copyright released.
  • $100 package: 25 images on a disc, professionally edited/high resolution. Print copyright released.

You'll only need to click here to visit Melinda's photography website to know this is an opportunity for you! Melinda will be booking as many sessions as possible on that day but the slots are sure to fill up quickly. If you are interested call Melinda now at 435-781-1515 or email If you don't reach her directly leave the following information: your name, phone number and email address if available, and type of session you are interested in(example family photo shoot, senior picture, newborn baby shots, etc).

Sessions are sure to fill up quickly so save your spot today. Thank you Melinda for your generousity and helping the Baumgarten family!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Calling all Basin Businesses

The Basin. The people of the Basin. The businesses of the Basin. The statues of dinosaurs in the Basin. All are unique and some in that borderline quirky way; note the beloved T-Rex eating his watermelon and wearing his Huck Finn hat.

What makes the businesses of the Basin unique, however, is their unmatched GENEROUSITY. I have never lived in a place where customers are often treated more like family than pocketbooks. Already on this blog we've had several local businesses donate and pledge items to the Baumgarten Family Fund.

SO, starting tomorrow, we will be highlighting a Generous Business of the day. This will be a Basin business who has made a pledge to the Baumgarten Family Fund. We want to celebrate all the love and generousity this community shares and is now showing the Baumgarten family.

So check tomorrow for the first Generous Business of the day. Trust me: you won't want to miss the action!! I hope we truly can make it a daily post.

If you are a business owner or know a business owner who'd like to make a pledge please visit our Make a Pledge page. You could also call(435-823-3946) or email( for more information.  If your business has a website please include it so we can add it to the Generous Business Link List on the sidebar of the blog.

Thank you, everyone reading and following this blog, for thinking of this family and caring about our community!