Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At one time or another we ALL need a helping hand

Anyone who knows Josh Baumgarten knows that he is a dad first.
He learned on March 26th that he has a brain tumor.
This blog was created by friends of both Josh and his wife Kristen as a support network.
We also hope to raise money to help with the stress of mounting medical bills.
We want their focus to be on Josh's recovery and excitement for baby Eliza's arrival.
Please explore this blog to learn how you can help and join with us in supporting this wonderful family!

To learn more about Josh's condition visit the Updates page. 
The Message Board is where all comments and messages will be posted. To leave a message simply click here or on the comments link at the end of this post or any post on the home page and follow directions. Anyone can leave a message and we ask that you don't hesitate to do so. Every show of support is appreciated! Email for any questions or complications. Messages are not automatically posted so if you want the message to remain private simply write private before you begin your message. This way it will be sent to Josh and his family without being posted publically on this message board.

Two accounts have been set up as a way to make donations to the Baumgartens. One is located at Mountain America Credit Union and the other at Wells Fargo. For information on how to mail, drop off, or otherwise contribute to these accounts please visit the How to help? page. This page also shares alternative suggestions on how to help. Those who donate are welcome to have their donation recorded on the Make a Pledge page.

The Make a Pledge page is a place for us to celebrate the generousity and service shown the Baumgarten family. You can pledge anything you like. Here's some ideas:
   1. Donate an amount however great or small to the Baumgarten family fund. You can include your name or remain anonymous. You can include the amount or leave that out. Also feel free to personalize a message for Josh and his family!
   2. Organize a fundraiser. This could be a bake sale, silent auction, lemon-aide stand, walk-a-thon, or any idea you have! The sky is the limit and any amount donated to the Baumgartens as a result is so appreciated!!!
   3. Mail something. Could be a homemade card, giftcard to a store, something for the kids, or some cookies. Anything! These will be given directly to the Baumgarten family, unopened.
   4. Attend fundraising events that are organized. You'll be able to learn what events are coming up by checking the calender.
   5. Send your love, support, and prayers! Write a message on the message board.

Typically a pledge would be worded like one of the following examples:
   Example 1. The Snow family pledges to organize a bake sale for Josh and his family. We love, hope and pray for you all! Love, Joe, Shannon, and Cari.
   Example 2. Acme Contracters pledges $100 for Josh and his family. God bless.
   Example 3. Anonymous pledges a walmart giftcard for Josh and his family. I hope this giftcard can help with diapers or whatever else you may need for baby Eliza. Love and thanks for all you have done!

These examples would be posted in two places. The pledge would be posted on the Make a Pledge page and the message would be posted on the Message Board. Once you have made a pledge simply follow through by delivering your donation, organizing your fundraiser, or mailing your gift to the address provided on the How to help? page. If you decide to organize a fundraiser let us know the details so the information can be posted on the Fundraisers page. If you need help we can put a message on the message board asking for volunteers and/or help or call 435-823-3946.