Pledge/Helping Hands

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
        -Aesop (c.550 B.C.)
We invite you to make a pledge or committment to help in whatever way you can.

The Helping Hands of the day and Pledges below were all from 2010. This is an incomplete list and does not include all the ways people reached out to the Baumgartens, all of which was appreciated. At that time the Helping Hands list was a way of getting momentum for the fundraising. This year we would like to highlight any and every pledge and show of support on this page, but not necessarily as a highlight of the day. Click on the link below to share what you would like to do so we celebrate together the support and love shown to the Baumgartens.
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Helping Hands of the day
April 9th: Melinda Smith Photography   Spotlight
April 10th: Sweet Reflections Photography   Spotlight
April 12th:  Spotlight
April 13th: Covers and Camo Spotlight
April 14th: Alicen Taylor Mary Kay   Spotlight        
April 15th: Subway  Spotlight
April 16th: Channel X94  Spotlight
April 19th: Sending Smiles Spotlight
April 20th: Crib Bedding Now Spotlight
April 21st: Dalton, Bodie, and Ashley Capozza Spotlight
April 22nd: Nalco, Anadarko, and friends Spotlight
April 23rd: Hit-Run-Score Softball Tournament Spotlight
April 26th: DinoLand Triathlon 2010 Spotlight
May 10th: LDS Vernal 9th Ward Spotlight
May 11th: Nikki Kempton and family Spotlight
May 12th: Marsen Furniture Outlet Spotlight
May 13th: Basin Sports Spotlight

1. The B. family pledges $25 to Josh and his family.
2. The Dusty Morris Family pledges $$ to Josh and his family.
3. Sweet Reflections Photography by Kari Morris would like to pledge a free 16 x 20 family photo.
4. Melinda Smith Photography pledges to hold a fundraiser to benefit Josh and his family.
5. would like to donate $500 to the Baumgarten's for every home we sell between April 17 and June 01, 2010.
6. Covers and Camo pledges 40% of all sales for in store or online apparall on April 20th, to the Baumgarten Family Fund.
7. Alicen Taylor Independent Mary Kay Beauty consultant pledges to hold a fundraiser, donating 40% of all sales between April 18th - 24th. For more information visit the Fundraiser page.
8. An anonymous business pledges a $250 giftcard to the Baumgarten family.
9. Subway has pledged to help organize, advertise for, and contribute to an upcoming fundraiser for the Baumgarten family.
10. Channel X94 has pledged to donate the proceeds from their annual golf tournament to the Baumgarten family. The Channel X94 annual golf tournament will be held this year on May 8th at Dinaland Golf course.
11. Sending Smiles has pledged to hold a fundraiser to benefit Josh and his family.
12. Crib Bedding Now has pledged some baby items for little Eliza.
13. The 11th Annual Men’s, Women’s & Co-Ed HIT-RUN-SCORE All-night softball tournament to be held Friday June 25th, Saturday June 26th, & Sunday June 27th, 2010 in Vernal, Utah has pledged a portion of the proceeds to the Baumgarten family.
14. The DinoLand Triathalon 2010 to be held June 26th has pledged a portion of the proceeds to the Baumgarten family.
15. Dalton, Bodie, and Ashley Capozza has pledged to hold a second lemonaid stand fundraiser to help the Baumgarten family. To learn more about these cool kids click here.
16. Nalco, Anadarko, and friends have pledged to finish the Baumgarten's backyard.
17. Aunt Julie- Salt Lake City- pledges all proceeds from sales of hand crocheted kitchen scrubbies, dishrags, kitchen towels, baby blankets and plastic grocery bag holders to the Baumgarten Family.
We love you guys!
18. Vernal 9th ward pledges to hold a yard sale/bake sale event on June 5th to benefit the Baumgarten Family.
19. Nikki Kempton and family have pledged to raffle a Weatherby Vanguard 270 short mag with a Nikon BDC scope rifle to benefit the Baumgarten family.
20. Marsen Furniture Outlet pledges 10% of all sales on May 15th to the Baumgarten family.
21. Coldwell Banker Aspen Brook Realty pledges to hold a rummage sale on May 22nd to benefit the Baumgarten family.
22. Basin Sports pledges 10% of all sales on May 15th to the Baumgarten family.