Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Come Run (or walk) With Me!!

Something EXCITING is happening this Saturday, October 8th. Click on this link http://www.bluebellcornmaze.com/ to get the details quick or you can read through my rambling post below. :)

Kristin the friend here. I know, I know it has been forever since there was a post or tiny bit of an update. That is part not having any fundraisers to share, part my own neglect, and part respect for Josh and Kristen. I don't really think it's even possible for Kristen to make writing updates a priority right now. The Baumgartens continue forward in their struggles and always with an attitude I know I personally could not possess if the tables were turned. Their beautiful family continues on and that does not mean things have been easy or getting easier. I wouldn't say that at all but no matter what they move forward as a strong and loving family unit. Sorry none of that provides any kind of actual update. The next time I talk with Kristen I'll ask about an update for this blog and if there is any update she wants shared. But until then I have something I hope you'll do with me....

Come to the Bluebell Corn Maze this Saturday, October 8th and have a great time. So the amazing family who owns the Bluebell Corn Maze decided to start an annual 5K benefit run (this is the first year) and at the last minute has organized what I know will be an amazing 5K run/walk. I've done the 5K thing before and I KNOW this will trump running the streets of Vernal. I mean we'll be running through fields, around gorgeous old barns, and around the corn maze! I think it sounds one of a kind and I can't wait. Obviously I should have posted about this ages ago. I'm so sorry!! But it is not too late for you to join the fun with me. The registration is $15. All of that amount will go to the Baumgartens for medical expenses and you'll get a t-shirt and ticket to the corn maze!!! There is all kinds of fun things going on there from the pumpkins, hay bales, goodies, and obviously the maze.

Okay who is with me??? This will be a blast for you're whole family whether you participate in the 5k or not. Click on this link http://www.bluebellcornmaze.com/ for registration, directions, and more details.