Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thanks to the Amazing Price for Life Foundation

I(Kristin the friend) attended the Restless Heart concert last Thursday night and learned about an amazing foundation set up here in Vernal called the Price for Life Foundation.

This foundation was set up just recently by the family of Dale Price who lost his battle to cancer this year. In his memory a charity golf tournament was held last Thursday June 9th at the Dinaland Golf Course. They generously chose the Baumgartens as a recipient of the money raised during the golf tournament. The Price family plan to make this an annual event to benefit other local families suffering from cancer. Thank you does not say enough to this loving and oustanding family. I am humbled and amazed by their example. Thank you Price family!

Donations were also received during the Restless Heart concert that night and Restless Heart committed a portion of their sales that night to Josh's family as well. The music and show was beautiful and I'm so glad my husband made me go. :)

Thanks to everyone who participated and showed their support during these events. I wish I knew more to share about these amazing events and the generousity of those involved. Again I say thank you and I pray you are abundantly blessed for all you do and continue to do for those affected by cancer.

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Jess said...

I had no idea of their situation until I came across this blog tonight! Please let me know how I can contribute. I knew Josh back in high school and was recently trying to find a way to contact his father and came across your blog. Thanks for all you are doing to help that amazing family.